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The work on this project will consist of the full-replacement of Bridge C-18-028 (0KQ) as well as the full replacement of New Box Culvert C-18-048 (BPJ) in the town of Colrain. The replacement will include the full replacement of the bridge and new box culvert, scour countermeasures, and extended approach work in the southerly approach.
  • Town of Colrain
  • Design Responsibility: Consultant
    Right of Way Responsibility: MassDOT
    Project Manager: William F Brown
    Estimated Total Contract Cost: $10,479,157.55
    Estimated Total Federal Participating Construction Cost: $11,067,885.96
    MassHighway District: District 1
    Current Status: This project has been advertised for construction bids. (as of 09/19/2015)

    Contracts (3) Progress
    # 60140 -- Design -- Bridge Rehab/Recon/New Const
    Work will consist of structural evaluations and emergency design support servives to support the Bridge Preservation/Betterment Program. Final
    # 68940 -- Design -- Hwy Eng Open End
    Work will consist of providing engineering design services to MassDOT on a task order basis for Layout and Right of Way assignments. Final
    # 90718 -- Construction Contract
    Bridge and Culvert Replacements Nos. C-18-028 & C-18-048 Jacksonville Road (Route 112) over the East Branch of the North River.


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    Project Task Information
    Project Status
    Project Need Form PNF Entered 08/05/2011
    Project Initiation Form PIF Entered 08/05/2011
    Project Initiation Form PRC Submitted 08/05/2011
    Project Review Committee PRC Approved 08/11/2011
    Project Review Committee Letter 08/19/2011
    Project Status Advertised 09/19/2015
    Prj Scope & Negotiation
    Consultant Contract Process Scope to DE 08/17/2011
    Consultant Contract Process Workhours Approved 09/16/2011
    Consultant Contract Process NTP Issued 09/27/2011
    Highway Design Process 25% Plans Received 02/15/2013
    Highway Design Process 25% Plans Received 09/26/2013
    Highway Design Process 25% Plans Approved 02/25/2014
    Highway Design Process 25% Comments to DE 04/25/2013
    Highway Design Process Design Public Hearing 03/04/2014
    75% Design 75% Plans Received 04/13/2015
    75% Design 75% Plans Approved 07/10/2015
    75% Design 75% Comments to DE 06/04/2015
    75% Design 75% Plans Complete 07/09/2015
    100% Design 100% Plans Received 07/14/2015
    100% Design PS&E to FAPO 09/03/2015
    100% Design PS&E Received 08/31/2015
    Right of Way
    Certification - MassDOT Issued - All necessary ROW not acquired 09/15/2015
    Plans Received 03/06/2013
    Plans Received 09/30/2013
    Plans Received 11/20/2013
    Plans Received 12/02/2013
    Plans Received 06/27/2014
    Plans Received 07/25/2014
    Plans Received 09/17/2014
    Plans Received 10/22/2014
    Plans Received 10/27/2014
    Plans Received 01/20/2015
    Plans Received 01/23/2015
    Plans Received 05/19/2015
    Plans Reviewed 12/02/2013
    Plans Comments to DE 03/18/2013
    Plans Comments to DE 10/07/2013
    Plans Comments to DE 11/27/2013
    Plans Comments to DE 07/08/2014
    Plans Comments to DE 08/01/2014
    Plans Comments to DE 09/30/2014
    Plans Comments to DE 10/22/2014
    Plans Comments to DE 12/22/2014
    Plans Comments to DE 01/22/2015
    Plans Accepted 06/15/2015
    Requirements Requirements 06/15/2015
    Advanced Title Exam Requested 11/05/2014
    Advanced Title Exam Completed 11/20/2014
    Registry Plans/Instruments Requested 11/14/2014
    Design Exceptions
    Section 404 (ACOE) Permit Issued 09/16/2015
    Section 401 (WQC) Permit Issued 09/15/2015
    Non Participating