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Announcing MassDOT's new, streamlined Email environment!

MassDOT is in the process of starting an email consolidation which includes all former MHD/EOT/MAC and MTA users. RMV users will remain on Massmail.

This email migration process began Monday, March 21st and will continue through June, 2011. Supervisors will be notified before the scheduled migration date and the IT Service Desk will send out additional information.

Once your email is migrated:

What to Expect on "Day 1"


If you are having problems, please review the FAQs below and contact the Please contact the MassDOT Helpdesk at 857-DOT-HELP (368-4357) or email them at DOTServiceDesk(DOT).

FAQ's on Email Consolidation

Will my calendar items come over?
Yes, your calendar items will automatically come over.

What do I do when I get an undeliverable auto reply from updating my re-occurring calendar item?
Re-open calendar item you were trying to update, make sure you select "Open the series" rather than "Open this Occurrence" delete undeliverable recipient(s) from the To: field and select recipient from the Global Address Book.

What do I do when I get an undeliverable auto reply?
Re-open email message you were trying to send, delete undeliverable recipient from the To: field and select recipient from the Global Address Book.

Will my email contacts come over?
Yes, your contact information will automatically come over.

What will happen to my Blackberry?
Any users who are on the former MTA Blackberry will automatically be able to receive/send email(s).

Any users who are on the former MHD Blackberry will need to bring their device to the helpdesk.

Any user that is unclear about their blackberry can call the Helpdesk.

Will I have to come into Boston to re-activate my Blackberry?
If your Blackberry requires re-activating:

Will my Personal folders come over?
Yes, if personal folders were set-up, they will come over.

Will my personal rules work?
Yes, your personal rules will work unless the address in the rules is incorrect. To ensure accuracy of any rules ensure the email address for users of the former MHD/EOT/MAC and MTA are reselecting from the Global Address Book.

What is archiving?
Archiving is a systematic approach to saving and protecting the data contained in email messages so it can be accessed quickly at a later date. With our new email system will auto archive any emails older than 30 days.

How do I manually archive without waiting for the 30 days default?
Go to your menu bar within Outlook and select Tools > Enterprise Vault > Store in Vault

How come I don't see the full email message in auto preview for an archived email?
Double click on your email to recall the message from archive and you will see the full email.