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Caveats & Codes

This list is a work in progress. It does not contain all of the currently known historic bridges within the Commonwealth, and some listed bridges likely have been removed since being listed. While it is MassHighway's intent to update this list periodically, it should never be taken as the last word regarding the current status of any particular bridge.

Criteria for inclusion in the MassHighway Historic Bridges List:

  1. The bridge must be listed in MassHighway's computerized statewide bridge database and, therefore, must possess a MassHighway Bridge Department Number (BDEPT).
    [MassHighway's statewide bridge database is intended to include all of those bridge/culvert structures in Massachusetts that carry, or pass over, a highway open to the public. The database also includes selected railroad bridges not involving highways, particularly those owned by other state agencies and authorities, and those on which MassHighway or Federal Highway Administration funds have been expended.]
  2. MassHighway must possess evidence that the bridge has been individually listed in, or has been found eligible for individual listing in, the National Register of Historic Places. Bridges that have been found to be contributing elements within National Register-listed or -eligible historic districts, but that do not appear to possess characteristics that would qualify them for individual listing in the National Register, are NOT included in the list.

Town Facility Carried Feature
date caveats
date caveats
Bridge Name
D03021 Danvers ST128 ST 35 HIGH ST 1940 107 High Street Underpass
N04022 Needham I 95, ST 128 CENTRAL AVE 1953 107 Central Avenue Bridge
N11015 Newburyport WASHNGTON ST US 1 1934 107
A10014/S17026 Arlington/Somerville MYSTIC VALLEY PKY ALEWIFE BROOK 1908 111 Mystic Valley Parkway/Alewife Brook Bridge
B16011/C01007 Boston/Cambridge N HARVARD ST CHARLES RIVER 1913 111 Larz Anderson Bridge
B16021/M25004 Boston/Milton ST 28 BLUE HILL AV NEPONSET RIVER 1903+ 111 Mattapan Bridge
B16183/C01025 Boston/Cambridge WEEKS FOOTBRIDGE CHARLES RIVER 1926 111 Weeks Footbridge
C11026 Chester OLD STATE HIGHWAY W BR WESTFIELD RIV 1910 111 Sisk Bridge
C16018 Clinton ACCESS RD (Grove St.) LANCASTER POND 1904 111 Lower Spillway Bridge
C16019 Clinton ACCESS RD WACHUSETT RES SPILLWAY 1905 111 Upper Spillway Bridge
D05001/N04005 Dedham/Needham ST135 DEDHAM AVE CHARLES RIVER 1909 111
F08008/M13002 Franklin/Medway LINCOLN ST, SANFORD ST CHARLES RIVER 1911+ 111 Factory (Sanford, Lincoln Street) Bridge
G12013 Greenfield MERIDIAN ST GREEN RIVER 1917 111 Meridian Street Bridge
H06005/P05005 Hanover/Pembroke ST 53 WASHNGTON ST NORTH RIVER 1930 111 Columbia Bridge
L04002 Lawrence AMESBURY ST MERRIMACK RIVER 1918 111 Casey Bridge
L08006 Leominster ADAMS ST MONOOSNOC BROOK 1904 111 Adams Street (A.L. Whitney) Bridge
M12003 Medford ST 16 MYSTIC VAL PKY MYSTIC RIVER 1906 111 Armory Bridge
M12005/S17002 Medford/Somerville ST 16 MYSTIC VAL PKY MYSTIC RIVER 1906 111 Auburn Street Bridge
N22021 Northfield ST 10 /ST63/MAIN MILL BROOK 1941 111
P10035 Pittsfield WEST ST W BR HOUSATONIC R 1904 111
R13002 Russell BRIDGE ST WESTFIELD RIVER 1923 111 Woronoco Bridge
S14001/W44018 Shrewsbury/Worcester ST 9 BELMONT ST LAKE QUINSIGAMOND 1916+ 111 Lake Quinsigamond (Kenneth F. Burns) Bridge
S17014 Somerville MBTA/BMRR MYSTIC VALLEY PKWY 1908 111 MBTA, B&M RR Lowell line, 5.08
S20012 Southborough ACCESS RD SUDBURY RESERVOIR SPLLWY 1903 111 Section 1 Bridge
S24030/W21001 Springfield/W. Springfield ST147 MEMORIAL AVE AMTRAK & CONNECTICUT RIV 1922+ 111 Memorial Bridge
T06013 Topsfield PERKINS ROW MILE BROOK 1908 111 Mile Brook Bridge
W06014 Wareham ONSET AVE EAST RIVER 1914 111 Point Independence Bridge
W17001 West Boylston THOMAS ST QUINAPOXET RIVER 1903 111 Quinapoxit River (Thomas Street) Bridge
W29023 Weston ASH ST WESTON RESERVOIR 1903 111 Ash Street Bridge
W40003 Winchester WATERFIELD RD ABERJONA RIVER 1915 111 Waterfield Bridge
W40004 Winchester ST 38 MAIN ST ABERJONA RIVER 1915 111 Converse (Main Street) Bridge
W44010 Worcester ST 12 WEBSTER ST MIDDLE RIVER 1905 111 Webster Street Bridge
B16013/C01019 Boston/Cambridge MBTA GREEN LINE CHARLES RIVER & ST 28 1910+ 111+ Lechmere Viaduct
W01004 Wakefield HWY COOPER ST MBTA/BMRR 1903+ 111+ Cooper Street Bridge
B16031 Boston SUMMER ST FORT POINT CHANNEL 1899+ 300 Summer Street Retractile Bridge
S24033 Springfield ROOSEVELT AVE WATERSHOPS POND 1937 302 General Edwards Bridge
C01026 Cambridge US 3 MEMORIAL DR BROOKLINE ST 1939 303 Reid Overpass
F01002/N06001E Fairhaven/New Bedford US 6 (EAST BRG) ACUSHNET RIVER 1897 303 New Bedford-Fairhaven East Bridge
L18007 Lynn MBTA/BMRR UNION ST 1913 303 Central Square Bridge
L18025 Lynn MBTA/BMRR MT VERNON ST & 1913+ 303 Lynn Station Viaduct
B16161 Boston WOODROW AVE MBTA 1899 305 Woodrow Avenue Bridge
N11014 Newburyport ST 1 A/HIGH ST US 1 1934 307
D06006/G12028 Deerfield/Greenfield BMRR DEERFIELD R & RIVER RD + 1912 309 Cheapside Railroad Bridge
E10003/M28042 Erving/Montague NECRR MILLERS RIVER, NEWTON ST 1905 309 Central Vermont RR bridge 90
L15021 Lowell UNIVERSITY AVE MERRIMACK RIVER 1896 309 Moody Street (Textile Avenue) Bridge
W04001 Waltham FARWELL ST CHARLES RIVER 1935 309 Farwell Street (James J. Harold) Bridge
P10005 Pittsfield B&M RR MILL ST & HOUSATONIC RIV 1897 309+ NY, NH & H line 64, 119.24/.25
C13012/H21030 Chicopee/Holyoke ST116 ST141/CABOT ST CONNECTICUT RIV & PVRR 1891 310 Willimansett Bridge
F05001/R10005 Florida/Rowe ROWE RD DEERFIELD RIVER 1916 310 Hoosac Tunnel Bridge
G14004 Groton FITCH'S BRIDGE RD NASHUA RIVER 1898 310 Fitch's Bridge
L15019 Lowell BRIDGE ST MERRIMACK RIVER 1937 310 Central (John E. Cox) Bridge
M28016 Montague SIXTH ST UTILITY CANAL 1912 310 Sixth Street Canal Bridge
M28017 Montague ELEVENTH ST UTILITY CANAL 1915+ 310 Eleventh Street Bridge
M28018 Montague BRIDGE ST BMRR & NECRR 1897 310 Dry Hill Street Bridge
N03003 Natick MARION ST CSX/MBTA 1896 310 B&A RR Marion Street (M.Tilly Cicarelli) Bridge
N22002 Northfield E NORTHFIELD RD CONNECTICUT RIVER 1903 310 Schell Bridge
S10002 Sheffield ST 7 A/ASHLEY FLS HOUSATONIC RIVER 1925 310 Blodgetts Bridge
S17022 Somerville ST 28 MCGRATH HWY MBTA/BMRR 1926 310 -
W04009 Waltham BMRR ST 60 LINDEN ST 1894 310 Linden Street Bridge (Bridge 113)
W25036 Westfield PVRR WESTFIELD RIVER 1910+ 310 NY, NH & H line #65, 60.36
W44074 Worcester PWRR SOUTHBRIDGE ST 1910 310 NY, NH & H Providence-Worcester line, 42.67
H12061 Haverhill MBTA/BMRR MERRIMACK RIVER 1920 310+ Merrimack River Bridge
H21032 Holyoke BMRR LYMAN ST 1928 310+ Lyman Street Railroad Bridge
B16009/C01002 Boston/Cambridge ST 3 CAMBRIDGE ST ST 3 & CHARLES RIVER 1905 311 Longfellow Bridge
D10007/W13000 Dover/Wellesley ELM BANK ACCESS RD CHARLES RIVER 1897 311 Cheney Bridge
L15030 Lowell BROADWAY PAWTUCKET CANAL 1919 311 Broadway Bridge over Pawtucket Canal
M10003 Maynard MILL ST ASSABET RIVER 1937 311 Mill Street Bridge
B16007/C01004 Boston/Cambridge ST 2 BROOKLINE ST SOLDIERS FLD RD & CHARLES R 1928 312 B.U. Bridge
C18008 Colrain ADAMSVLLE RD WATER NORTH RIVER 1937 312 Griswoldville Arch Bridge
C21002 Cummington ST 9 /ST112 E BR WESTFIELD RIV 1939 312 Dudley Manor Bridge
T09001 Tyngsborough ST113 /ST3A/KENDLL MERRIMACK RIVER 1930 312 Tyngsborough Bridge
A07014/N11010 Amesbury/Newburyport MAIN ST MERRIMACK RIVER 1909 313 Essex-Merrimac (site of the Chain) Bridge
B16600 Boston I 93 CHARLES RIVER 2002 314 Zakim (Bunker Hill) Bridge
B16020/C09004 Boston/Chelsea CHELSEA ST CHELSEA RIVER 1936 316 Chelsea Street Bridge
B16032 Boston CONGRESS ST FORT POINT CHANNEL 1930 316 Congress Street Bridge
G05002 Gloucester ST127 WESTERN AVE BLYNMAN CANAL 1906 316 Blynman Bridge
L18016/S05008 Lynn/Saugus ST107 WESTERN AVE SAUGUS RIVER 1912+ 316 Fox Hill (Belden Bly) Bridge
M02011 Manchester MBTA DRAWBRIDGE MANCHESTER HARBOR 1911 316 Manchester Draw
H12007 Haverhill ST125 BRIDGE ST MERRIMACK RIVER 1925 316+ Lower County (Basiliere) Bridge
B16184 Boston NORTHERN AVE FORT POINT CHANNEL 1907 317 Northern Avenue Bridge
F01002/N06001M Fairhaven/New Bedford US 6 (DRAWBRIDGE) ACUSHNET RIVER 1899 317 New Bedford-Fairhaven Middle Bridge
H12020/W20004 Haverhill/W. Newbury BRIDGE ST MERRIMACK RIVER 1883 317 Rocks Village (Merrimac) Bridge
B11005/S01013 Beverly/Salem KERNWOOD AVE WATER DANVERS RIVER 1907+ 317+ Kernwood Bridge
B16016 Boston N WASHINGTON ST CHARLES RIVER 1900++ 317+ Charlestown (N. Washington St.) Bridge
P03016 Peabody ST114 ANDOVER ST ST128 1938 402 Andover Street Overpass
G04010/M28031 Gill/Montague AVENUE A CONNECTICUT RIV AND CANAL 1937 409 Turner's Falls Bridge
L16008/S24002 Ludlow/Springfield ST 21 CENTER ST CHICOPEE RIVER 1930 409 Putts Bridge
A07016/N11017 Amesbury/Newburyport I 95 MERRIMACK RIVER 1954 410 Whittier Bridge
B17004 Bourne ST 28 CAPE COD CANAL 1934 410 Bourne Bridge
B17005 Bourne ST 6 CAPE COD CANAL 1935 410 Sagamore Bridge
W25010 Westfield US202 /ST10/ELM ST WESTFIELD RIVER 1939 410 Great River Bridge
E10014/G04009 Erving/Gill ST 2 MOHAWK TRAIL CONNECTICUT R & RIVER RD 1931 411 French King Bridge
C19012 Concord OLD NORTH BRIDGE CONCORD RIVER 1956 702 Old North Bridge
H03002/I01006 Hamilton/Ipswich WINTHROP ST IPSWICH RIVER 1989+ 702 Willowdale Bridge
L18019 Lynn ST107 WESTERN AVE GLENMERE LAKE 1921 702 Buchanan (site of Floating) Bridge
S04005 Sandwich FOOT BRIDGE MILL CREEK 1875r++ 702 Sandwich Boardwalk
C05005 Charlemont ST 8 A/N HEATH RD MILL BROOK 1950 710 Bissell Bridge
C18003 Colrain LYONSVLLE RD E BR NORTH RIVER 1870+ 710 Arthur A. Smith Bridge
C20009 Conway MAIN POLAND RD SOUTH RIVER 1869c 710 Burkeville Bridge
H08012/W05002 Hardwick/Ware BRIDGE ST WARE RIVER 1886 710 Gilbertville Bridge
S30050 Sturbridge STURBRIDGE VILLAGE DR BROOK 1874 710 Vermont (Taft, Dummerston) Bridge
C02013 Canton AMTRAK/MBTA NEPONSET STREET @CANTON R 1835++ 800 Canton Viaduct
M18012 Middleborough NEMASKET ST NEMASKET RIVER 1859+ 801 Olivers Mill (Hitchcock) Bridge
P03013 Peabody HOWLEY ST NORTH RIVER 1880 801 Howley Street Bridge
W04018 Waltham LYMAN ST LYMAN POND CREEK 1822pr+ 801 Lyman Street Bridge
W18005 West Bridgewater ARCH ST CANAL FROM TOWN RIV 1832c 801 Trench Bridge
A02038 Acton MBTA/BMRR FORT POND BROOK 1845? 811 MBTA Fitchburg line, 25.03
A09006 Andover ESSEX ST SHAWSHEEN RIVER 1830c 811 Essex Street Bridge
A12023 Ashby FORMER ST 31 TRAPFALL BROOK 1860c 811 Trapfall Brook Bridge
A16021 Attleboro AMTRAK/MBTA PECK ST 1906 811 MBTA Attleboro line. 31.45
A16022 Attleboro AMTRAK/MBTA PARK ST 1906 811 MBTA Attleboro line, 31.71
A16023 Attleboro AMTRAK/MBTA MILL ST 1906 811 MBTA Attleboro line, 31.88
A16024 Attleboro AMTRAK/MBTA SOUTH MAIN ST 1906 811 MBTA Attleboro line, 31.96
B03017/M19017 Becket/Middlefield RAIL TRAIL W BR WESTFIELD RIV 1840c 811 Bridge #6 in Stone Arch Railroad Bridge HD
B03018/M19018 Becket/Middlefield RAIL TRAIL W BR WESTFIELD RIV 1840c 811 Bridge #5 in Stone Arch Railroad Bridge HD
B07002 Belmont MBTA/BMRR CONCORD AVE 1907 811 MBTA Fitchburg line, 6.38
B12XXX/W38041 Billerica/Wilmington MBTA SHAWSHEEN RIVER 1835+ 811 MBTA Lowell line, 17.92
B13018 Blackstone RAIL TRAIL MILL ST, FARNUM ST 1872+ 811 Blackstone Viaduct
B16003/M25002 Boston/Milton ADAMS ST NEPONSET RIVER 1847++ 811 George J. Roper Bridge
B16027/M25006 Boston/Milton NEPONSET VALLEY PKY NEPONSET RIVER 1849+ 811 Paul's Bridge
B16112 Boston MBTA SOUTH ST 1887 811 MBTA Needham line, 5.83 (site of Bussey Bridge)
B16168 Boston FRANKLIN PARK ENTRY CEMETERY RD 1894 811 Forest Hills Entrance Bridge
B16171 Boston MBTA HWY HYDE PARK AVE 1898 811 MBTA Dorchester line, 9.11/Hyde Park Avenue Bridge
B16177/D05004 Boston/Dedham ST109 SPRING ST CHARLES RIVER 1841++ 811 Spring Street (Vine Rock) Bridge
B16188 Boston BOYLSTON ST MUDDY RIVER 1881 811 Boylston Street Bridge
B16189 Boston AGASSIZ RD MUDDY RIVER 1887 811 Agassiz Bridge
B16190 Boston AVENUE LOUIS PASTEUR MUDDY RIVER 1891 811 Fen Bridge
B16192/B27007 Boston/Brookline LONGWOOD AVE MUDDY RIVER, MBTA GREEN LINE 1896 811 Longwood Avenue Bridge
B16193/B27013 Boston/Brookline NETHERLANDS RD MUDDY RIVER 1893 811 Netherlands Road (Bellevue Street) Bridge
B16194/B27019 Boston/Brookline BROOKLINE AVE MUDDY RIVER 1892 811 Brookline Avenue Bridge
B16451 Boston CIRCUIT DR SCARBOROUGH POND 1893 811 Scarborough Pond Footbridge
B23009 Bridgewater OAK ST TOWN RIVER 1886 811 Oak Street Bridge
B25009 Brockton ST 28 MONTELLO ST SALISBURY BROOK 1889 811 Montello Street Bridge
B25025 Brockton MBTA/CSX ELLIOT ST 1896 811 Elliott Street Bridge
B25026 Brockton MBTA/CSX COURT ST 1896 811 Court Street Bridge
B25027 Brockton MBTA/CSX ST123 CENTER ST 1896 811 Center Street Bridge
B25028 Brockton MBTA/CSX PED WAY @ LINCOLN 1896 811 Lincoln Street Bridge
B25029 Brockton MBTA/CSX SCHOOL ST 1896 811 School Street Bridge
B25030 Brockton MBTA/CSX ST 27 CRESCENT ST 1896 811 Crescent Street Bridge
B25061 Brockton MBTA/CSX PORTERS PASS 1896 811 Porter's Pass
C01013a Cambridge WALDEN ST CATTLE PASS 1857+ 811 Walden Street Cattle Pass
C02043 Canton MBTA KINGSLEY POND 1845c++ 811 Forge Pond Bridge
C19010 Concord ST 62 MAIN ST ASSABET RIVER 1886+ 811 Derby Bridge
C19013 Concord MONUMENT ST CONCORD RIVER 1877 811 Flint's Bridge
D05004 Dedham ST109 BRIDGE ST CHARLES RIVER 1860+ 811 Cart Bridge
D05005 Dedham AMES ST CHARLES RIVER 1843++ 811 Ames Street Bridge
E01006 East Bridgewater W UNION ST MATFIELD RIVER 1902 811 Sheldon's Bridge
F02093 Fall River CENTRAL ST QUEQUECHAN RIVER 1903 811 Central Street Bridge
F04016 Fitchburg ST 2 A/LAUREL ST BMRR & NASHUA RIV 1899 811 Laurel Street (New Street) Bridge
F04077 Fitchburg MBTA/BMRR NASHUA RIVER 1845++ 811 Nashua River Bridge
F07024 Framingham ST 30 PLEASANT ST WATER STONEY BROOK 1898 811 Route 30 Bridge
F09003 Freetown ST 79 ELM ST ASSONET RIVER 1820-24r 811 Elm Street Bridge
F09006 Freetown ST 79 RICHMOND RD CEDAR SWAMP RIVER 1820-24r 811 Maple Tree Crossing (Richmond Road) Bridge
F09009 Freetown GURNEY RD FALL BROOK 1820-24r 811 Gurney Road Bridge (The Gurney Culvert)
G05016 Gloucester GLOUCESTR AV MBTA 1861r 811 Keystone Bridge
G08007 Grafton PLEASANT ST BLACKSTONE RIVER 1909 811 Pleasant Street Bridge
H03003/I01004 Hamilton/Ipswich HIGHLAND ST, MILL RD IPSWICH RIVER 1832+ 811 Warner's Bridge
H06001/P05001 Hanover/Pembroke WASHINGTON ST NORTH RIVER 1904 811 North River Bridge
H06002/P05002 Hanover/Pembroke W ELM ST INDIAN HEAD RIVER 1894 811 West Elm Street Bridge
I01001 Ipswich GREEN ST IPSWICH RIVER 1894 811 Green Street Bridge
I01002 Ipswich ST 1 A/S MAIN ST IPSWICH RIVER 1764+ 811 Choate Bridge
I01005 Ipswich COUNTY ST IPSWICH RIVER 1861 811 County Street Bridge
L08002 Leominster ST 13 MAIN ST N NASHUA RIVER 1872 811 North Leominster (Main Street) Bridge
L13032 Littleton MBTA/BMRR BEAVER BROOK 1847c 811 MBTA Fitchburg line, 31.33
L15033 Lowell BROADWAY WESTERN CANAL 1833+ 811 Broadway Bridge over Western Canal
L15090 Lowell MBTA/BMRR CONCORD RIVER 1832c?+ 811 Six Arch Bridge
M06020 Marlborough FOREBAY (Cr Meadow Rd) WACHUSETT AQUEDUCT 1897 811 -
M14002 Melrose MBTA/BMRR MELROSE ST 1857 811 Melrose Street Bridge
M17003 Methuen OSGOOD ST SPICKET RIVER pre1869 811 Bridge at Factory Hill
M17004 Methuen off HAMPSHIRE RD DRY CHANNEL 1835r 811 Sands Bridge
M23014 Millis ORCHARD ST BOGASTOW BROOK 1836+ 811 Great Neck Bridge
M25034 Milton SKY LINE TRL DRAINAGE DITCH 1904 811 Charles Eliot Bridge
N04001/N12003 Needham/Newton CENTRAL AVE CHARLES RIVER 1850+ 811 Elliott Street (Cooks) Bridge
N04002/N12002 Needham/Newton HIGHLAND AVE CHARLES RIVER 1875 811 Needham Street Bridge
N04033/N12082 Needham/Newton SUDBURY AQUEDUCT ELLIS ST & CHARLES R 1876 811 Echo Bridge
N20014 Northborough WACHUSETT AQUEDUCT HUDSON ST & ASSABET RIV 1897 811 Assabet River Bridge
O06004 Oxford CLARA BARTON RD FRENCH RIVER 1889 811 Bartlett's Bridge
R09001 Rockport ST127 GRANITE ST ROCKPORT GRANITE CO RR 1872 811 Granite Keystone Bridge
R11007 Rowley GLEN ST EXT MILL RIVER 1860pr 811 Glen Mills Stone Bridge
S20021 Southborough LYNBROOK RD WACHUSETT AQUEDUCT 1897 811 Lynbrook Road Bridge
S20025 Southborough DEERFOOT RD WACHUSETT AQUEDUCT 1897 811 Deerfoot Road (Flagg Road) Bridge
S20026 Southborough JOHNSON RD WACHUSETT AQUEDUCT 1897 811 Johnson Road (Northborough Rd #1) Bridge
S20027 Southborough NORTHBORO RD WACHUSETT AQUEDUCT 1897 811 Northborough Road #2 Bridge
S20029 Southborough ABANDONED RD WACHUSETT AQUEDUCT 1897 811 former Chestnut Hill Road Bridge
W03013 Walpole ST 1 A/MAIN ST MBTA/CSX 1848c 811 Walpole Tunnel
W04002 Waltham NEWTON ST WATER CHARLES RIVER 1877 811 Newton Street Bridge
W18002 West Bridgewater ARCH ST TOWN RIVER 1825c 811 Arch Street (Three Arch) Bridge
W18007 West Bridgewater BELMONT ST SALISBURY PLAIN R 1886 811 Matfield (Belmont Street) Bridge
L15022 Lowell SCHOOL ST NORTHERN CANAL 1848+ 811+
M19015 Middlefield CSX TOWN HILL RD&FACTORY BK 1865c?+ 811+ Bridge #8 in Stone Arch Railroad Bridge HD
M28011 Montague SOLAR AVE (f. S High St) BMRR (ABANDONED) 1880 903 B&A Turners Falls line, 1.59
S04002 Sandwich OLD COUNTY RD BCRR 1890 903 NY, NH & H Boston - Provincetown line, 66.98
H25021 Hudson RAIL TRAIL ASSABET RIVER 1887 903+ MBTA Marlborough line 33.79
S26003 Stockbridge BUTLER RD HOUSATONIC RIVER 1882 909 Butler (Lester) Bridge
B28022/S11001 Buckland/Shelburne BRIDGE ST DEERFIELD RIVER 1890 910 Iron Bridge
C11023 Chester SMITH RD M BR WESTFIELD RIV 1887 910 North Chester Viilage Bridge
C20017/S11002 Conway/Shelburne BARDWELL'S FERRY RD DEERFIELD RIVER 1882 910 Bardwell's Ferry Bridge
E10001/M28014 Erving/Montague E MINERAL RD MILLERS RIVER 1888++ 910 East Mineral Road Bridge
E10006/W15005 Erving/Wendell FARLEY RD MILLERS RIVER 1889+ 910 Farley Bridge
F04013 Fitchburg LOWER ROLLSTONE ST N NASHUA RIVER 1870 910 (Lower) Rollstone Street Bridge
F07005 Framingham MAIN ST SUDBURY RIVER 1878 910 Warren (Main Street) Bridge
F07011 Framingham DANFORTH ST SUDBURY RIVER 1890 910 Danforth Street Bridge
L02004 Lancaster BOLTON RD NASHUA RIVER 1870 910 Atherton Bridge
L02008 Lancaster PONAKIN RD N NASHUA RIVER 1871 910 Ponakin Bridge
L04003 Lawrence UNION ST MERRIMACK RIVER 1888 910 Duck Bridge
L15020 Lowell AIKEN ST MERRIMACK RIVER 1883 910 Aiken Street (Joseph R. Oulette) Bridge
N16003 North Attleboro CUSHMAN RD ABBOTT RUN RIVER 1886+ 910
N19027 Northampton OLD SHEPHERD RD MILL RIVER 1880 910 Hotel Bridge
N19047 Northampton CLEMENT ST MILL RIVER 1894+ 910 Bay State (Clement Street) Bridge
T01005 Taunton HARRIS ST (closed) TAUNTON RIVER 1887 910 Harris Street Bridge
W06008 Wareham PIERCEVILLE RD BCRR 1878c 910 Tremont Station (Pierceville Road) Bridge
W07006 Warren GILBERT RD QUABOAG RIVER 1888 910 Gilbert Road Bridge
W13008 Wellesley KINGSBURY ST CSX/MBTA 1889 910 B&A RR Kingsbury Street Bridge
W25015 Westfield PVRR US202 /ST10/ELM ST 1889 910 Elm Street Bridge
W41011 Windsor WINDSOR BUSH RD PHELPS BROOK 1894c 910 Coleman (Windsor Bush Road) Bridge
D06033/M28019 Deerfield/Montague RAIL TRAIL CONNECTICUT RIVER 1880+ 910+ -
A07009 Amesbury MAIN ST POWWOW RIVER 1891+ 917 Bailey Memorial/Powow River Bridge