Be Safe in Massachusetts: Roadway Safety Tips

Roadway Safety Tips

Roadway Safety Tips

Ten Safety Tips to Consider For:

School Bus Safety

If you ride a school bus, make sure that you remember the following rules:

Waiting for the Bus:

  1. Don't play near or in the street.
  2. In winter and in rain, stand back. The bus needs more room to stop when the road is wet or icy.
  3. Don't talk to strangers. If a stranger comes up to you, yell as loud as you can. Never get into a stranger's car.

Getting on and Off the Bus:

  1. Do not go into the Danger Zone. The Danger Zone is a 10-foot area around the bus. The bus driver is not able to see anything in this area. The Danger Zone is right in front of the bus and the area all around the rear wheels and the back of the bus.
  2. Watch that your clothing and book bags don't get caught in the door or railings.
  3. Cross the street in front of the bus while it is still stopped. Never cross the street behind the bus or between parked cars.
  4. If you drop something by the bus, never try to pick it up. Tell the bus driver.

Riding the Bus:

  1. Follow directions and listen to the bus driver. Talk quietly to your friends don't shout-it will be less distracting for the bus driver.
  2. Keep the aisles clear.
  3. Don't stick anything out of the windows including your head and your arms.