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Massachusetts Traffic Safety Toolbox

The Massachusetts Traffic Safety Toolbox is intended to be dynamic in nature with embedded links and references and new fact sheets being added regularly.

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Providing a safe driving environment and implementing safety improvements at the local level can pose significant challenges for municipal governments. Similar to challenges faced by federal and state efforts, limitations, including financial and personnel constraints, can make it difficult for local agencies to develop and implement safety initiatives. Nevertheless, information is available to help local governments identify options and develop action plans for implementing safety countermeasures.

The purpose of this Traffic Safety Toolbox is to provide a resource of information for municipal practitioners. Specifically, the series of fact sheets below provide guidance and information regarding selected traffic safety and engineering topics. Arguably more important, these fact sheets provide information about some potentially valuable resources, including links to web pages as applicable.

Bird's eye view of a T-intersection 25 mph speed limit sign Roadside photograph of a bike lane Photograph of a person applying a left turn pavement marker Example orange work zone sign. Photograph of highly reflective pavement markers at night time


The Massachusetts Traffic Safety Toolbox was originally undertaken as part of the Massachusetts Transportation Research Program for the Massachusetts Highway Department, conducted by the Executive Office of Transportation and Public Works (EOTPW). This program is funded with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Statewide Planning and Research (SPR) funds. Through this program, applied research is conducted on topics of importance to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts transportation agencies.